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My Work


I started playing saxophone when I was 10 years old and haven’t put it down since. I specialize in tenor and baritone but will play other horns upon request. I’ve also added clarinet and flute to my repetoire while studying at California Jazz Conservatory.


I have studied under some of the bay areas finest DJ’s including DJ Fuze and DJ Brigidope. I love to spin underground producers, as well as soul, funk, and jazz from my vinyl collection.

Music producer

I am a proud member of OakTownSoul, a music producer collective from Oakland, CA. We’re creating the next generation of soulful music for true music lovers.

About Me

I grew up with music always around me. Since I was I baby I was in my father’s band rehearsals and at shows, fascinated by the idea of becoming a musician. I picked up saxophone when I was 9 and have been playing ever since.

My music is a unique combination of my hip-hop influence and my love for jazz. From using complex harmony in my music production, to my ecclectic tastes as a DJ you can hear my genre bending sound in everything I do.


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